Sadie 10 horas de formacion! En Barcelona

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Sadie 10 horas de formacion! En Barcelona

Mensaje  salmabel el Vie Oct 17, 2008 12:30 pm


10 Horas de formacion, con certificado.


Pronto los temas en espanol

Sabado 12:00-14:00h
"DRUM SOLO CHOREOGRAPHY" Experience the full potential of a Drum Solo. Sadie does not skip a beat. Learn how to apply the "Drum Solo Secrets" in one of Sadie's stellar Drum Solo choreographies, several choreographies in workshop format to choose from.

Sabado 14:40-16:40h
"ARABIC POP" Who doesn't love the fun and lively Arabic Pop song? In this workshop Sadie will hi-light many of the traditional Egyptian moves and add some zest and variety to give you a fresh and exciting pop choreography.

Domingo 10:45-12:45h
"VEIL CHOREOGRAPHY" once you learn how to play with and facilitate the veil put it all together in a beautiful veil choreography.

Domingo 13:30-15:30h
"DIVA WITHIN" We all have a stage presence. Does yours say what you want it too? Learn how to own your stage and command an audience. There really are tips and techniques for making this possible. Clearly covey your emotions and set a mood, reach your audience, exchange energy, learn about your most powerful tools for accomplishing these tasks… your eyes and your body language! Learn how levels, spatial planes and how different areas of the body when focalized, automatically set a feeling.

Domingo 16:00-18:00h
"BELLY UP" " This is the workshop that will refine your dance and take it to the next level. The basics of dance movement will be covered to help the belly dancer polish up her skills in transitions, turning, spotting, posture and poise creating a beautiful frame for your movements. Special attention will be given to arms and hands.

1 taller: 50€
2 talleres: 75€
3 talleres: 125€
4 talleres: 160€
5 talleres: 205€

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